An anonymous reader on Tumblr likes the following books:

What books do Jamie Ford and I recommend for this reader? We’ve got a bunch, including one of my favorite memoirs of 2013…

Jamie Ford's second novel, Songs of Willow Frost, is set in Depression-era Seattle. Before getting into our book recommendations, we talked about his personal connection to that time and place, and the other ways that his closest relationships shaped this story. 

(taped on location at Posman Books, Grand Central Terminal)

Do You Like History? Or Military History?

I’ll be taping new segments next week, with Joe Sacco (The Great War) and Graham Robb (The Discovery of Middle Earth). So, if you’re a fan of European history, or military history, or European military history, this might be an opportunity to get some suggestions on what to read next. If you tell me about 3-5 books you’ve read and enjoyed, I’ll see if I can get some recommendations from them—and I might have some ideas as well!

Elise from Southern California likes the following books:

What books do Alex Marwood and I recommend for Elise? (And be sure to watch the video to find out about some of the other books we thought would be a perfect match—including our shared love of Peter Ackroyd’s classic Hawksmoor…)

Alex Marwood’s The Wicked Girls is a British mystery about two women who did a bad, bad thing when they were young—and the murders that threaten to resurrect their shared past. Marwood spent years as a journalist before turning to crime fiction, and it shows in the novel’s dark (but not entirely unaffectionate) portrayal of the British media.

(taped on location at Posman Books, New York CIty)

Tom from Rhode Island likes the following books:

What books do Robin Sloan and I recommend for Tom? (And Robin recommends another great trilogy of novels by one of Britain’s best SF writers in the video, too!)

Robin Sloan is the author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and a new “digital short,” Ajax Penumbra 1969, that delves into the background of one of that novel’s central characters.

(taped at McNally Jackson, Manhattan)

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What books do Robert Klara and I recommend for Bill to read next? (Be sure to watch the video for all of Robert’s American history picks…)

In The Hidden White House, Robert Klara tells us just how close the executive mansion was to falling down around Harry Truman and his family, then describes the political maneuvering and engineering work that went into completely renovating it from the inside. It’s a fun read that will give you a new appreciation for one of America’s most famous buildings… and for what it took to make it a truly enduring landmark.

(taped on location at Astoria Bookshop, Queens)

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